"Raunchy Satisfaction"
5ft 3ins
Ferryhill / Aycliffe

If you have never made the choice to book Tara, you've not lived and this is one fantastic lady that you have missed out on.

Genuinely raunchy, Tara is quite alternative in her approach but she's eager to please all of her clientele. She just loves the work and this shines through. Tara can offer both incalls and outcalls and she's available most days at short notice.

Tara has consistently high feedback, always puts 150% into an appointment and never disappoints.

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Tara says "A career with CT Escorts spanning over 7 years, Tara has always been consistently popular and her high standards, crazy personality and commitment to escort work really shows. I am sure she'll still be entertaining gentlemen in the North East for at least another 7 years"


David - 19th December 2012

Very nice fun lady, curvy in all the right places and exciteable to say the least. I had read on the site she was full on, that's an understatement. Really nice appointment.

Darren - 7th March 2012

Just spent time with Tara, extremely sexy and very beautiful. Thank you.

T - 20th February 2012

Hi, had a great time with Tara... Thanks T

Paul - 14th September 2011

Just spent an hour and half with one of the best women ever. Thank you Tara and thank you very much John.

G - 27th July 2011

Tara was lovely, simple adorable and a wonderful appointment, truly a lady, I will see her again over the next few weeks whilst she's offering her Newcastle appointments

K - 4th December 2010

Tara was lovely, very nicely dressed as requested and very raunchy.

Shooter - 16th September 2010

Tara is fantastic and loves to please you. She is an easy going woman that will make you laugh and she is a fun person. I would see Tara again. Tara is a pleasure to get to know.

Derek - 12th July 2010

Tara is an absolute delight to be with, throughly enjoyed my unhurried hour with her this morning. Thanks to Tara and John and I'll be back to see that cat suit.

Brian - 31st May 2010

Tara is Raunchy Satisfaction

Dexter - 19th April 2010

John what can I say Tara was wonderful She so nice and make you feel at home and she just one amazing person. I'm glad friendship doesn't come with price tags. For if it does, I'd never afford someone as great as Tara. Sometimes, life gets so busy that we could not find time to say "Thank you" to someone who has been so nice and wonderful.as Tara "Thank you!". Thank you Dexter

Mr SK - 22nd March 2010

I had a great appointment with Tara, what a wonderful lady she is.

Ian - 10th February 2010

Had a lovely appointment with a lovely lady, thanks again

Dexter 44 - 12th December 2009

Today I saw Tara for the first time is was wonderful she made me feel at home And in the upstairs department she was amazing and John yes I’ll be going to see her again she truly amazing what more can I say she a wonderful lady Tara I hope I was ok for you. could have stayed longer She was excellent  thanks Derek  

Paul - 3rd December 2009

It was my first time for a very long time since I had a good time with a young Lady. Tara opened the door with a smile and very sparkling eyes she was not fased by my sticks, wecomed into the house with a kiss and a cuddle. We disgused my disablities and problems. I have never meet anyone so enthusiatic about her job before. She was very careful and considerate, lots of kisses and cuddles. I had a truely wonderful time with this lovely lady. After she gave me a cup of coffee and chatted for a while. I came away very satisfied. She is a real treasure I will want to go back when I can. Would recommend her to anyone.

Graham - 20th August 2009

Again, I have to say "WOW". Tara is unique, with a certain Je Ne Sais Quoi. She certainly puts her all into an appointment. A prolonged session of enthusiastic exercise - (Mallard found it easier to break the speed record) - left both of us soaking and shaking, with nothing left in the tank except cuddles and chat.

Jim - 2nd April 2009

Thursday 30th two hours with Tara what a woman, great kisser and will talk about any subject. I walked a way with a smile on my face five days later I am still smiling hope to repeat again soon thanks Tara thanks John.

Paul - 24th November 2008

Excellent in every respect and the best escort I have ever seen. An excellent and entertaining lady who is very intelligent and delightful throughout the appointment, my next appointment will be an overnight.

Brian - 21st November 2008

I had a brilliant time with Tara and I wanted to thank you very much for recommending her to me. this is my first time using CT Escorts and I'll definitely be back.

Graham - 22nd October 2008

Another wonderful hour with the superb Tara. My 9th visit !! It is getting difficult to find comments that haven't been said before - this lady is delightful - clothes on or clothes off.

Allan - 25th September 2008

A very friendly attractive lady with a lovely figure and winning smile. We realised very quickly that we had shared interests so Tara was a big hit with me. She was a real pleasure to be with. Will be seeing her again I hope, sooner rather than later.

Graham - 5th September 2008

Just had my 7th hour with Tara. WOW!! She has been described as "passionate", "tiger", "rampant rabbit", "sexy" and "olympic kisser". She is all that and more, such a genuine person with a lovely nature. If Tara says she likes you - she means it !! I can't wait to see her again.

Dave - 1st October 2007

My second visit with Tara and why did I wait so long. This lady is real treasure. From arrival to departure she could not do enough to please. Tara had my heart rate up for the whole hour. With a shared bubble bath to finish I can recomment Tara for a memorable evening. Thanks to John and Lisa, my southern belle, for making the arrangements.

AndyJLee - 6th August 2007

I must get round to writing these earlier.........

I cannot remember the exact date here, but in late May I shared 2 hours with Tara, my 3rd appointment with her.

Tara is a girl who makes you smile, she is entertaining, witty, smilie, and generally easy going and happy go lucky really.

Add into the mix that she is very, very sexy as well, and you get a brilliant time, and it certainly won't be my last visit to see her - amazing, as always.

Dave - 2nd April 2007

Tried long and hard to think of the right word. Passionate is the one. Tara greeted me at the door wearing a black lace dress, what a delightful sight she made. Once in her living room we had a brief chat then it was upstairs. What a lady, she's a tiger in the bedroom. Really passionate about what she does. A real GFE, lots of kissing and holding. Tara was also very complimentary of me, which was nice. What an hour we had, I left exhausted. Tara is no clock watcher and was happy to chat for a short while afterwards while we had a coffee. Infact it was me who said I'd better be going. What a lady.

Chris - 10th April 2006

I thoroughly enjoyed myself yesterday afternoon with Tara, what a lady. Will be seeing her in the very near future.

Andy J Lee - 11th August 2006

Well, I met Tara on the 1st of August, and wow! She was charming, funny, entertaining, and above all polite! Definitely be making a second appointment!

Oh, and she makes a great coffee too



William - 12th January 2012

A lovely fun lady in Ferryhill, super appointment thanks

Chris - 7th August 2011

Top Drawer. Tara is a wonderful lady, easy to get along with and a tiger ...... not to be missed.

Paul - 27th June 2011

Tara is fabulous. I walked in and she was full on, had a shower she was full on, went upstairs, she was full on. Wonderful appointment that I will repeat again.

L - 10th October 2010

A Lovely Lady

Ray - 3rd September 2010

I have just been "Taraised". Saw Tara for the first time today, that is an experience not to be missed. A lovely lady who put 110% effort into the appointment. A fantastic if energetic appointment.

Roger - 5th June 2010

Had the pleasure of Tara recently, i was extremly nervous as it was my first time. she made me feel so at ease. a very good time was enjoyed. Thanks.

Jimmy - 20th May 2010

I can't believe i've never seen Tara. A whirlwind from walking into the door to leaving. She really genuinely cares and she' told me who I need to see next ;-)

Dave - 23rd March 2010

Tara is the crown jewel of CT. Her enthusiasm, passion and stamina seem boundless. An hour of exquist pleasure. Many thanks to Tara and John

Wonderwall - 17th February 2010

Tara, what a fabulous girl, I really had such a fantastic time, an amazing all round GFE, she's special, recommended to everyone! Thanks Tara 

Martin - 24th August 2009

I visited Tara this evening i had a really good time, I highly recommend this lady she is a gem.

Robert - 24th August 2009

Nice Lady, thanks very much

Horsesmouth - 7th August 2009

One hour with Tara she is someone special a real gem hope to see her again very soon. Thanks again John and thank-you Tara

David - 11th June 2009

My visit to Tara was fine, a really good girl.

Bill - 27th March 2009

Another terrific hour with Tara yesterday,total enjoyment with the best.

Graham - 27th March 2009

My dates with Tara are now in double figures. She is a wonderful lady, considerate, caring, cuddly and oh so kissable. In fact, the only thing she is not is relaxing. I had to cancel my previous date, so I made up for it with a 2 hour booking, and left ragged, happy and exhausted. Despite an extended session of bedspring testing, we still found time to talk over coffee. I will dream about her until our next meeting

Chris - 10th March 2009

Hello, sorry I was a little bit late for the appointment but it was worth it in the end. Tara is a fabulous lady and I really enjoyed my 1 hour appointment with her on Monday. Absolutely wonderful. Thanks.

Colin - 18th January 2009

Tara was absolutely fantastic, she was brilliant. Can't say any better than that

Paul - 1st December 2008

Tara is thoroughly enjoyable woman, a delightful dinner companion! She was an angel over dinner and a tiger in the bedroom. I hope to repeat the experience very soon

Paul - 24th November 2008

Excellent in every respect and the best escort I have ever seen. An excellent and entertaining lady who is very intelligent and delightful throughout the appointment, my next appointment will be an overnight.

Allan - 29th September 2008

What's going on, two days running to see this lady as I was so impressed the first time! Second time was no different Tara is a STAR!! She certainly pressed the right buttons for me so will see her again soon. I'm in love!

Graham - 5th September 2008

Just had my 7th hour with Tara. WOW!! She has been described as "passionate", "tiger", "rampant rabbit", "sexy" and "olympic kisser". She is all that and more, such a genuine person with a lovely nature. If Tara says she likes you - she means it !! I can't wait to see her again.

Graham - 20th June 2008

My appointment with Tara on Wednesday was wonderful ! She is a tariffic and genuine lady with real personality. As soon as she opened the door, I knew I was going to get on well with her. Tara is really down to earth, very passionate and a superb chatterbox. Within minutes I felt as if we had known each other for ages. We started with coffee and cuddles, and then . . . well, I had to finish my coffee later. I could go on and on about what a real gem she is, but I'll just say that my smile lasted all the way back to Newcastle. I will definitely be seeing her again and again and again.

George - 23rd November 2007

Tara was very nice, bubbly and I would definately see her again.

Robert - 19th June 2007

Just a note with respect to my appointment with Tara last evening... Fabulous lasy, very very sexy, not to be missed! Many thanks for making such an enjoyable appointment possible.

Paul - 20th April 2007

I've never experienced life until I experienced Tara. My god, she makes a rampant rabbitt seem tame. Tara is one of those exceptional ladies who puts 110% into the appointment. I'll also admit that I did not take a blind bit of notice of her until her new pictures went online and boy have I missed out on something special.

Colin - 16th April 2007

After some confusion(my fault)I arrived late and was met by a very sexy lady in black whos photos (here comes the cliche) do not do her justice. Ii will not go into detail but will just say Ii had a fantastic hour and will definitaley be back.just remember to have some milk in next time Tara, also thanks to John for being patient with me over my mix up with houses.

Jim - 25th April 2006

Tara was a very very nice lady and I had a great appointment and thanks also to Elizabeth for helping organise it and looking after me on the phone.